Copious Ways Refillable and Reusable Packaging Improves Brand’s Image.

Today, more and more people are aware of businesses’ brand image. Brand image is so important to many because it reflects not only the outside of the product but also the inside as well.

Why would consumers buy a product that looks nice on the outside but is not effective on the inside? Also, why would consumers buy a product that is effective on the inside but made poorly on the outside? A company appeals to its customers today by having an impeccable brand image inside and out. The first concept that comes to mind when I envision improving a brand’s image is refillable products.




How can refillable and reusable packaging improve your brand’s image?

  1. An upswing in customer loyalty.
  2. Decreases cost for consumers.
  3. Increases brand loyalty.
  4. Sustainable ambitions.
  5. Slashes transportation cost.


The Resurgence of Reusable Packaging

Many people overlook the fact that reusable packaging is how packaging began. Several enormous refill methods were in place for many beverages. One that everyone remembers or has heard about is milk, a reusable system that has been around for centuries.

Single-use packaging debuted as a more economical option and allowed more companies to enter the market. However, several countries have taken actions to readopt the use of reusable packaging.

  • France – Reuse targets have been introduced (5 percent by 2023 and 10 percent by 2027).
  • Germany – Cafes, restaurants, and cafes that sell food or drinks “to go” are obliged to offer their products in reusable packaging.
  • South Korea – Disposable cup deposits for fast food restaurants and coffee shops were introduced in 2022.


1. An Upswing in Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are something that all businesses hope to obtain. A loyal customer usually champions your brand image. They will write reviews, share your product with everyone they know, or even post on social media!

Below are some numbers from Capgemini Research Institute’s most recent report on the influence of sustainability on consumers’ buying performance.

  • 77 percent of executives say sustainability initiatives increase customer loyalty.
  • 69 percent are changing the way they buy based on the environmental impact of their purchases, social responsibility, or inclusiveness.
  • 53 percent of consumers say they have switched to lesser-known brands if they are sustainable.


2. Decreases Cost for Consumers

Bases on research from multiple personal care companies, I found that the average body wash bottle was $1.96/ fl. oz, and a refillable body wash was $1.40/ fl. oz.  You save 52 cents per fluid ounce when purchasing refill products compared to the actual bottles. If you use a 12-ounce bottle of body wash, you will save around 26 percent of your money by using refillable pouches.




3. Increase Brand Loyalty

Zero Co is a brand that makes single-use plastic-free body care and cleaning products, which leads to decreasing society’s impact on our planet. They use simple steps to achieve brand loyalty.

1. Order one of their empty ‘forever bottles’ (made from landfill waste) and a refillable pouch.

2. Send your empty pouch back (postage paid for).

3. Purchase more refillable pouches.





Looking at these numbers, it only makes sense to purchase refillable pouches of your favorite products. People will save more room in their garbage bins and keep less plastic out of landfills.


Build Long-Term Consumer Relationships

You reward consumers for returning and doing business again when you make a product with refill packaging. If consumers buy your products and finish them, they must purchase more refills. When customers love your products, they will get that refill from their favorite brand.

Refillable packaging promotes your brand image, along with helping you outperform your competition. Usually, if consumers have a brand’s refillable packaging, they will pay less attention to other brands. We all know that the best kind of customer is a repeat customer.


4. Sustainable Ambitions

The ‘throw everything in the garbage’ generation is ending. It results from more and more consumers wanting to support a better environment by expecting brands to package their products in more sustainable materials. Retailers are forced to adhere to this upcoming growing trend.

By using refillable pouches, you are showing everyone that your brand cares about the environment. Refillable pouches help you market to the sustainability-driven consumer. Refill pouches can position your product as a knight to the environment, even if you use plastic in your pouch’s designs.


Reduction of Landfill Trash

As of 2018, the Environmental protection Agency (EPA) reported that the community’s solid waste totaled 292.4 million tons in the U.S. alone. That is about five pounds of waste per person. Although some of the waste is recycled or composted, about half of it (146 million tons ends up in landfills).

Food does make up the most considerable portion of landfilled waste, and plastic is followed right behind it. Increasing the use of refillable packaging could reduce these numbers. Also, it would boost your brand image by showing that you are reusing plastic and not contributing to the millions of tons of waste in landfills.



5. Slashes Transportation Cost

Which is more affordable, producing 1,000 refillable or 10,000 single-use plastic bottles? You could cut production costs if each consumer refills their package ten times. Most consumers will likely have invested in the initial packaging.
Refillable packaging can significantly cut shipping costs for general producers by shipping vast quantities of products. Several products are mostly water, which everyone has at home. So, transforming your product into a concentrate will eliminate excess size and weight.



Refill Pouches

Are you interested in refill pouches? ZACROS has been manufacturing refill pouches for home and personal care products for over 25 years. ZACROS provides a wide range of refill pouches, from a spoutless laminated pouch to a monomaterial spout pouch. We assist with material selections and designs to filling assist. Contact us today to learn more about sustainable refill pouch options.



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