Flexible Pouches

Customized liquid flexible pouch from laminated stand-up pouch to sustainable monomaterial pouch

Flexible pouches are among the fastest-growing packaging types in many applications, from food to personal care products. Because of their benefits, flexible pouches are an excellent alternative to rigid packaging.

ZACROS focuses on home and personal care, including cosmetics liquid applications. We have developed our leak-proof technology to overcome liquid packaging issues. ZACROS offers high-quality and unique customized flexible pouch solutions to meet your performance and sustainability needs. Our Recycle Ready MONOSOLUTIONS™ is a monomaterial packaging series focusing on recyclability. Zacros continuously creates flexible pouches that improve consumer usability and reduce environmental impact.

Sustainable Solutions


Basics of Refill Pouches

Everything you need to know about refill pouches

Leak-proof technology

ZACROS started manufacturing flexible liquid packaging in the 1960s. ZACROS has manufactured over 8 billion flexible pouches worldwide. We developed our unique insertion technology to minimize leakage issues. Contact us today to get free samples.

Flexible Pouch Benefits


Flexible pouches are easily customized with shape, size, film structure, and design. Customizability helps brand owners to differentiate, and products can stand out on shelves or websites.


Flexible pouches use less plastic than rigid containers. Compared to rigid packaging, flexible pouches could reduce weight by up to 90%. Therefore, flexible pouches have less impact on the resin price increase. Along with the material costs, flexible pouches are exceptionally lightweight and stackable, making them cost-efficient for transportation and storage.


Flexible pouches are durable and less likely to be affected by cosmetic abrasion. That is why brands prefer flexible pouches for their e-commerce packaging. In addition to physical durability, flexible pouches can easily modify their film structure to meet protective requirements such as oxygen and moisture barriers.


Flexible pouches improve sustainability from manufacturing to the end of the lifecycle. Even though most flexible pouches are not currently recyclable, they significantly reduce environmental impacts than other alternative packages.

Resource Efficient

Recycling is a critical aspect of product sustainability. However, the reality is that the US recycling rate is quite low. The recycling rate for recyclable plastic such as PET and HDPE is still only 30% compared to the 65% paper recycling rate. Flexible pouches are more resource-efficient, resulting in less packaging waste even with low recycling rates.

Recycling Options

Even though flexible pouches are known for multilayer construction, the packaging industry has seen tremendous improvements in the innovation around recyclability in the last few years. There are many monomaterial flexible pouches introduced in the market. Monomaterial structures have unique challenges such as bonding strengths and barrier properties. Especially for liquid, the packaging must have higher durability than dry contents due to a leakage possibility. Read the MONOSOLUTIONS™ blog to learn more about ZACROS’s monomaterial product line.

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