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Flexible pouches are among the fastest-growing packaging types in many applications, including cosmetics and personal & home care products. Because of their benefits, flexible pouches are excellent alternatives to rigid packaging.

ZACROS specializes in manufacturing flexible pouches for cosmetics and personal & home care liquid applications. We provide high-quality flexible pouch solutions to meet your performance and sustainability needs. ZACROS continuously creates flexible pouches that improve consumer usability and reduce environmental impact.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability Benefits of Flexible Pouches

Data from greenhouse gas emissions to life cycle assessment


What are the benefits of flexible pouches?

There are reasons why brands choose flexible pouches over alternative packaging. Flexible pouches offer benefits for not just brands but also consumers.

  1. Sustainability

    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) proves that flexible pouches reduce overall environmental impacts from greenhouse gas emissions to resource usage. You can download the Sustainability Benefits of Flexible Pouches.
  2. Performance

    Film structures can be modified easily to meet performance requirements such as oxygen and light barriers. Also, flexible pouches are durable and less likely to be affected by cosmetic abrasion.
  3. Usability

    Flexible pouches are less bulky, making them convenient to store and carry. A high evacuation rate helps consumers efficiently use all the product contents.
  4. Customizability

    Shape, size, film structure, and design can be customizable. Customizability helps brand owners to differentiate, and products can stand out on shelves or websites.

Are flexible pouches recyclable?

The short answer is Yes and No. Increasing monomaterial pouches are coming out even for liquid applications, including our MONOSOLUTIONS® Flowpack series. However, the current US infrastructure doesn’t support a collection of many recyclable-ready packaging.

Many products use multi-materials unrecyclable flexible pouches, yet they can significantly reduce the packaging that goes to landfill significantly. In addition, there are options to recycle through programs like TerraCycle.

Are pouches better than plastic bottles?

Depending on your priority, pouches can be better than plastic bottles. Both packaging has pros and cons. Combining a pouch and a bottle may be suitable in some applications, such as refillable home & personal care and cosmetic products. Download a guide to Choose the Right Liquid Packaging to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of liquid packaging.

What are flexible pouches made of?

Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) are flexible pouches' most common base materials. In the US, PE is by far the most used plastic film material for liquid applications. PE can be divided into three different categories: high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LLPE), and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). Depending on the required barrier properties, different types of PE or PP are laminated with Nylon, metal foil, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

What are the types of pouch bags for liquids?

There is various type of pouches available depending on your needs and applications. A pillow and stand-up pouch are the most common bag types for liquid products.

Pillow pouch

A pillow pouch is also known as a flat pouch. Form-fill-seal equipment (one equipment can form a package, fill it with a product, and seal the package) is often used to manufacture pillow pouches. Examples are cosmetics sample sachets and travel-size personal care pouches.

Stand-up pouch

A stand-up pouch has a bottom gusset that allows it to stand up. The most common closure for liquid applications is a spout. ZACROS Flowpack NT & PL series are spoutless while keeping the functionality of a spout.

How are stand-up spouted pouches filled?

Pre-made spouted pouches can be filled through a spout or from a top. Pouches are typically loaded to a rail system when you fill through a spout. When you fill from the top, a spout and a cap are intact, and there is no need to torque down the cap. After filling, heat seal the top.

ZACROS is an expert in liquid flexible pouches for cosmetics and personal & home care products with over 25 years of experience. You should not sacrifice performance to improve packaging sustainability. We are here to support you, from material selections to finding a filler. Contact us today to get started with your project.

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