There is not a single answer for packaging sustainability.

ZACROS has liquid packaging solutions for any level of sustainability requirements.

Sustainability is a core business driver for ZACROS. We offer a wide range of sustainable flexible liquid packaging solutions to support your needs. From packaging that designs to reduce materials to fully recyclable packaging, ZACROS has solutions for liquid packaging.

Refill Pouch

PCR Packaging

Recyclable Packaging

Reduce is the Fastest Way to Improve Sustainability

Whether you are looking for packaging for B2B or B2C, reducing raw material usage by switching to flexible packaging is one of the fastest ways to improve sustainability. Flexible packaging reduces natural resources usage by 70-90% compared to rigid packaging. Our products are used in various applications, from small personal care products to bulk industrial chemicals.

Recycle Ready Monosolutions™

In addition to reducing material consumption, ZACROS offers various monomaterial liquid packaging to support the growing recycle-ready packaging. The MONOSOLUTIONS™ series covers all types of liquid packaging, from small sachet to large 20L CUBITAINER®. With our extensive knowledge and experience with liquid packaging, ZACROS is continuously developing innovative solutions.



There is ZACROS, there is a Way

ZACROS has been providing unique solutions to the liquid packaging industry worldwide.
We turn problems into opportunities with our innovation.

Improve Sustainability with User-Friendly Technologies

Optimizing packaging with the consumer experience is as important as packaging sustainability. ZACROS is developing many unique technologies that connect packaging with consumers. We bring sustainable packaging solutions to the next level.

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