Primary Packaging for Sensitive Parenteral Formulations

When changing the primary packaging of a product from glass to plastic, container-content interaction is the main concern, especially injectable drugs known to be unstable in plastic. MediTect™ series gives glass-like ultimate stability to more sensitive drug contents with more “flexible” solutions.


Our MediTect™ brand has been created specifically for sensitive liquid parenteral formulations. It offers a variety of material options and properties, making it ideal for premixed bags. We can also provide related accessory products, such as closures and overwraps.


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Containing proprietary cyclic olefin polymer technology, MediTect™ products combine an unparalleled level of chemical compatibility and sorption resistance with an ultra-low extractables profile. These properties provide product integrity and help maximize the shelf life for the most demanding applications.

  • Ultra-low interaction
  • Safe materials
  • Alternative to rigid containers
  • Multiple sterilization methods

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