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Zacros focuses on consumer experiences and usability in creating flexible packaging technologies. ZACROS takes feedback from customers and end-users and finds solutions to the problems with our innovation. We are continuously searching for new technologies that shape a more comfortable society together with customers. We keep improving technologies to the next level.


User-Friendly Technology

Innovative technologies

ZACROS offers unique technologies that improve performance and user experiences. We reinvent flexible packaging from the consumer’s point of view.

  • Laser cutting for easy tear
  • Perforated tear way
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Easy break twist cap
  • Collapsible design for ease of transportation
  • Integrated handle options
  • Easy pour fitments
  • Integrated straw fitment
  • Functional Parts System (FPS) fitments


Leak-proof technology

One of the biggest challenges of liquid packaging is leakage. Zacros has manufactured over 8 billion flexible pouches worldwide. We developed our unique insertion technology to minimize leakage issues. Contact us today to get free samples.


Film Technology - Nif™ Film Series

The Nif™ (non-interactive) film is a low-odor and non-adsorbing material. It is a perfect solution for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics that require packaging stability. With the conventional film, the content liquid’s active ingredient is adsorbed on the packaging film over time. When the customer uses the product, the active ingredient decreases, reducing the product’s expected effect.

The Nif™ film also has excellent odor-reducing properties, enabling its use for products with subtle fragrances, products that emphasize fragrance, and other products that could not previously be pouched due to issues with odors from plastic.