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Zacros is continuously searching for new technologies that shape a more comfortable society together with customers. We keep improving technologies to the next level.


3D Packaging Technology

3D packaging technology is a proprietary manufacturing process developed by our organization to create thin gauge customizable flexible packaging solutions that makes superior packaging durability. We have the capabilities of both rapid prototyping and manufacturing of many complex packaging shapes and sizes.

User-Friendly Technology

User-Friendly Technology Thumbnails

  • Laser cutting for easy tear
  • Perforated tear way
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Easy break twist cap
  • Collapsible design for ease of transportation
  • Integrated handle options
  • Easy pour fitments
  • Integrated straw fitment

Film Technology - NI Series

NI (non-interacting) film is a low-odor and non-adsorbing material perfect for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics that include low active ingredients. It also has excellent odor-reducing properties, enabling its use for products with subtle fragrances, products that emphasize fragrance, and other products that could not previously be pouched due to issues with odors from plastic.