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Where there is ZACROS, there is a way

Helping to shape a more comfortable society, together with customers

Zacros America, Inc. is a part of the Fujimori Kogyo (ZACROS) Group, focusing on manufacturing flexible packaging for liquid applications. We provide sustainable packaging and downstream solutions to our customers.

Sustainability is one of our core business drivers

ZACROS always has been promoting sustainability as a solution. Our logo design is inspired by lamination, a technological foundation of ZACROS. The corporate colors, blue for the sky and green for the Earth, represent our aim of achieving harmony among people, society, and the environment. The "Z" represents Ultimate and "ACROS" represents Cutting Edge. We work with customers to find solutions that meet their needs. We think beyond packaging.

ZACROS Products Improve Sustainability
With ZACROS’s expertise in liquid packaging, you will find solutions with ZACROS.

Company History

Think Beyond Packaging

Zacros America, Inc. was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of ZACROS, also known as Fujimori Kogyo, a Japanese converter of flexible films and packaging established in 1914. In 2014, Zacros America acquired the former Hedwin Corporation. The manufacturing facility was moved from Baltimore, Maryland to Newark, Delaware in 2017. Starting January 1, 2020, Zacros America Hedwin Division changed to Zacros America, Inc. to optimize business to serve customers.

ZACROS group has four divisions: Wellness, Environmental Solutions, Electronic Materials, and Building & Civil Engineering Materials. The products range from a protective film for cell phones and computers to a medical injection solution bag. ZACROS group has 14 manufacturing facilities in 6 countries: Japan, the US, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and China.

Zacros America focuses on Environmental Solutions, providing flexible packaging for liquids. Our main products are CUBITAINER® and flexible pouches. We have Newark, Delaware, and Reno, Nevada manufacturing facilities in the United States.

Looking for Sustainable Packaging Solutions for liquids?
ZACROS developed a wide range of packaging to meet your sustainability requirements.


Quality is one of our key values here at ZACROS. We use our Quality Management System to ensure our product quality.

Quality Policy

We strive to supply sustainable flexible packaging solutions that support environmental stewardship and exceed our customers’ requirements in diverse applications. We continually improve our products, processes, technologies, and quality management system to support this effort, while bringing a high level of satisfaction to our customers around the world

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