Recycle-Ready Flexible Packaging for Liquids

MONOSOLUTIONS® is a ZACROS original brand name for monomaterial liquid flexible packaging. Recyclable packaging is now a must-have for plastic packaging as the demand for recycle-ready packaging continues to grow to support the circular economy. Many liquid products still use rigid packaging or multimaterial flexible films to give durability to support the liquid weights and performance to obtain necessity barrier properties. ZACROS has been manufacturing flexible packaging for over 50 years. We have extensive knowledge and experience in flexible packaging for liquids. We can provide you with the solutions that fit your requirements.



Stand-up Pouches (up to 1.5L)

ZACROS’s monomaterial pouch has the quality equivalent to multilayer structured pouches (strength, oxygen barrier, and water vapor barrier properties, print quality, and ease of refilling) while meeting CEFLEX guidelines. Our stand-up pouches have spouted or spoutless options.


CUBITAINER® is a flexible monomaterial bulk liquid container. Unlike the other bag-in-box packaging, CUBITAINER® can be either used alone or combined with an outer carton for more durability. CUBITAINER® can be deflated and stacked to save space during the transportation and storage. CUBITAINER® can be used for some hazardous chemicals.


Sustainability in Action
With ZACROS's expertise in liquid packagin, you will find solutions that fit your sustainability requirements.

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