Zacros America announces the installation of its first Liquid Pouch Manufacturing line in the United States

ZACROS announces the first liquid pouch manufacturing line installation in their Delaware facility. ZACROS has been manufacturing liquid stand-up pouches for various applications for over a half-century worldwide. This pouch manufacturing line in the US allows ZACROS to serve the Americas and European markets.



“We bring deep knowledge of refill pouches to the rapidly growing sustainable packaging needs for the home and personal care market. This allows us to serve our customers more timely,” said John Patterson, Sr. Business Development Manager. “Sustainability is must-have for many brands now, and many of us know that plastic reduction plays a critical role in improving packaging sustainability. We believe that a refill pouch is an important piece for that.” This pouch manufacturing line is capable of manufacturing from a 1oz to up to a 3.5L liquid spouted pouch.


About ZACROS’s Flexible Pouch Products

Zacros America manufacturers various flexible pouches for liquid applications. In addition, our standard-size spouted pouches are perfect solutions for small quantity orders.



ZACROS, founded in 1914, has continuously developed and manufactured value-added materials and packaging in various industries, including daily commodities, pharmaceutical & medical, electronics, and construction. ZACROS focuses on providing solutions with proprietary technologies that help achieve a sustainable society. Refill pouch, non-interactive sachet, film, and pharmaceutical IV bag, biomedical culture bag, and electronics membrane film are some of the leading products. ZACROS has expanded global locations to 6 countries and 38 locations serving customers worldwide.