FPS Pouch

Functional Parts System

ZACROS focuses on consumer experiences and usability in creating flexible packaging. ZCROS takes feedback from customers and end-users and finds solutions to the problems with our innovation. The FPS (Functional Parts System) is an innovative fitment series that improves the performance and usability of packaging. The FPS promotes sustainability by adding functions to flexible packaging.

The FPS-03 has an inner disk in the spout, preventing liquid from coming out when the pouch is turned upside down.

  • One time refill/use
  • No spillage
  • Able to use in most bottles
  • Fit with any flexible pouch

The FPS-04 has a spout that fits a bottle with a specific fitment. It allows the flow to stop automatically.

  • Multi refills/uses
  • Matching fitments
  • No spillage
  • Automatically controlled flow

The FPS-05 fitment has flow control. It allows the liquid to start and stop very easily and quickly.

  • Multi refills/uses
  • Easy flow control
  • Fit with any flexible pouch


The FPS series is currently under development. The FPS is not limited to FPS-03, FPS-04, and FPS-05. ZACROS is continuously developing functional, user-friendly FPS series. If you have issues with your current packaging or want to make improvements, please contact us to see how we can help.

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