Zacros America introduced the non-interactive NIf™-β film to the Americas Market

Zacros America, Inc. announced the availability of one of the iconic non-interactive NIf™ films in the Americas. ZACROS has developed a wide range of NIf™ film for various applications, including cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and medical packaging. Among the different types of NIf™ films, Zacros America carries NIf™-β films to support the growing demand for cosmetics packaging.



Active ingredients can be adsorbed by plastic packaging over time, which is especially critical for cosmetic products. Since the cosmetic sample sachets and sheet mask packaging contain small amount of product, the materials used become crucial to retain fragrance and active ingredients. The NIf™-β film provides stable conditions for products while offering better sealability to manufacture packaging.

Until now, NIf™-β film was only available in Japan. However, ZACROS is expanding the regions that they serve to North, Central, and South America.



About NIf™-β film

The NIf™-β film offers a glass-like performance to retain active ingredients. With the conventional film, the active ingredient of the content liquid is adsorbed on the contact surface film over time. When the customer uses the product, the active ingredient decreases, reducing the product’s expected effect. The NIf™ film also prevents odors from plastic, making it an excellent packaging material for delicate and sensitive contents.


About Zacros America, Inc.

Zacros America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Fujimori Kogyo, also known as ZACROS, a Japanese converter of flexible films and packaging established in 1914, serving various industries, including daily commodities, pharmaceutical & medical, electronics, and construction. ZACROS has expanded global locations to 6 countries and 38 locations serving customers worldwide. Zacros America provides sustainable flexible packaging solutions for liquids up to 20L. Zacros America has two manufacturing facilities in the United States.