Optimizing CUBITAINER® Filling: A Simple Process

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The CUBITAINER® filling process is straightforward and efficient. This guide outlines the inflation, filling, and capping stages, showcasing its user-accessible design. Explore video examples of both automated and semi-automated filling methods and learn how this innovation can optimize flexible packaging solutions.



The CUBITAINER® is inflated using low-pressure, high-volume air. Typically, this step lasts no more than 2 or 3 seconds, ensuring immediate preparation for the filling process.




The reversible neck design requires support during filling.

The unique reversible neck design requires support during the filling stage, ensuring a seamless and spill-free process.



After filling, capping the CUBITAINER® securely seals the contents, preparing the packaging for distribution and use.

Various filling machines are available on the market, ranging from semi-automated to fully automated systems. Considering a transition from rigid packaging, such as a tight head or an open pail, to the eco-friendly CUBITAINER®? You might modify your existing filling machine for this purpose. Below are insightful videos illustrating the CUBITAINER® filling process:



Fully Automated Filling Process


Automated filling process with the Data Scale filling machine. They modified an open pail filling system to be able to fill a CUBITAINER®.



Semi-Automated Filling Process


For detailed information regarding the filling process requirements and instructions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The CUBITAINER® is a monomaterial eco-friendly alternative to the rigid packaging. ZACROS doesn’t just offer flexible packaging. We provide custom solutions from materials through final packaging.



CUBITAINER®: Anchor of Sustainable Packaging

CUBITAINER® is a great sustainable packaging solution. With over half a century of experience, ZACROS is a leading manufacturer of liquid packaging. Partnering with ZACROS ensures that liquid packaging aligns seamlessly with your sustainability requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, so we can take the next step to your sustainable journey.