110th Anniversary Exploring the Evolution: A Journey Through the History of ZACROS

ZACROS (also known as Fujimori Kogyo) is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year. Its rich history dates back to its establishment in 1914 as a manufacturer of moisture-proof and waterproof paper, Tarpaulin paper in Japan.


Business Division History

Over the years, the company diversified its product range, delving into plastic films and packaging in various applications. ZACROS expanded its business into the medical field in 1948, continuously the flexible packaging field in 1955, the construction in 1982, the electronics field in 1987, the biopharmaceutical field in 2010, and the medical equipment field in 2015. Now, ZACROS has four pillars in its business: Wellness, Environmental Solutions, Electronic Materials, and Industrial Infrastructure.




















Global Expansions

ZACROS expanded its operations internationally starting in 1996 by establishing a production facility in Thailand. The company further expanded its global presence by establishing subsidiaries and joint ventures in countries such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the United States. Currently, the market ZACROS serves has grown to 15 countries.


The company continued to grow and innovate, developing various packaging solutions to meet the evolving needs of global customers.


Flexible Packaging History

In 1955, ZACROS entered the flexible packaging market, producing sachet packaging for Kao Feather shampoo.

Meanwhile, ZACROS also developed the first polyethylene laminator in Japan, which started production in 1956.


In 1960, ZACROS developed a release paper: BYNA SHEET, which we now call FILMBYNA. It is mostly used in medical applications.

In 1962, ZACROS signed a technical collaboration agreement with Tetra Pak to produce beverage packaging.

In 1963, ZACROS signed a technical licensing agreement with Hedwin Corporation to manufacture Cubitainer. Zacros America acquired Hedwin Corporation in 2014. The ZACROS group has three Cubitainer manufacturing facilities in the United States, Malaysia, and Japan to support global demand. Cubitainer has a wide range of applications, from beverages to industrial chemicals. Among the applications, ZACROS holds over 50% of the global market share of hematology reagent packaging.

In 1966, ZACROS signed a technical licensing agreement with Thimonnier & Cie (France) for producing DOYPACK.


In 1983, ZACROS introduced soft IV bags, which became one of the leading medical packaging for the ZACROS group. Currently, ZACROS has developed an unique IV bag called MediTect, which incorporates a non-interactive film material perfect for sensitive drugs.

In 1997, ZACROS introduced a self-standing refill pouch: Flowpack. Since then, ZACROS has led the refill pouch market in the Home and Personal Care industry in Japan, where refill pouches now account for over 80% of store shelves. In the Environmental Solutions division, Flowpack is widely adopted for various products.


Today, ZACROS is recognized as a leading manufacturer of films and film-related packaging that serves diverse industries such as foods, pharmaceuticals, constructions, electronics, and industrial chemicals. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, ZACROS remains dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers while contributing to the advancement of the packaging industry.