NIf™ Material

Non-interactive sealant film for cosmetic liquids

Maintaining the original effect and fragrance of the contents for products with a small amount of active ingredients, such as sample sachets and sheet mask packaging, is essential.

However, the active ingredient of the content liquid can leach into the packaging over time with conventional film. Therefore, when the customer uses the product, the active ingredient may decrease, reducing the expected effect of the product.

ZACROS’s NIf™ (Non-Interactive film) is a non-interactive material, making it a great film to package for cosmetic products.





Film Option and Features

NIf™- β

NIf™- β is a PET-based material with a glass-like performance to minimize active ingredient sorption.

  • Non-interactive property
  • Can be combined with additional barrier layers
  • Strong against alcohol solvents

Film Specification


NIf™-Σ is another NIf™ series that suitable for cosmetics applications.

  • Non-interactive property
  • Can be combined with additional barrier layers
  • Sealing strength is comparable to PE

The technical data and safety data sheet (SDS) are available upon request.



Non-Interactive Performance

Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH), Polyacrylonitrile (PAN), and Polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PET-G) are commonly available as films with similar functions. However, EVOH has poor low-temperature sealing properties, making it difficult to manufacture packaging. PAN is brittle and typically considered unsuitable for packaging liquids. Lastly, PET-G doesn’t provide as good non-interactive properties as NIf™ film.


NIf™ film is proven to retain many different active ingredients. One of the examples is Vitamin E in lotion. The results showed that the retention using NIf™-β film was significantly higher than PE film, keeping 98% of Vitamin E in lotion. Additionally, we compared our non-interactive film with other non-interactive films. Other non-interactive films reduced the amount of Vitamin E by nearly 10%, while our non-interactive film limited the reduction to only 1.8%.




ZACROS has developed various non-interactive films for various applications, including pharmaceuticals, medicals, and cosmetics.

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