ZACROS AMERICA, a subsidiary of Fujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd.,
Provides high quality, value-added functional films and packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Zacros America have two divisions?

Zacros America, Inc. was established in January of 2012 to act as a sales and marketing branch for our Japanese parent company, Fujimori Kogyo. In June of 2014, Zacros America acquired the former Hedwin Corporation, now known as the Hedwin Division of Zacros America. Our original location continues to market Fujimori Kogyo’s film-based flexible packaging products, and our Hedwin Division continues to market and produce its flexible molded containers.

What is flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is packaging with a flexible structure—this includes everything from candy bar wrappers to drink pouches to meat wrappings. Flexible packaging is generally made from thin, flat materials such as paper, foil, and plastic film. When empty, flexible packaging can be flattened out to take up less space than rigid packaging such as plastic or glass bottles.

How is Zacros flexible packaging made?

ZACROS creates its films through adhesive lamination. We take raw films such as PET, LLDPE, nylon, and foils and laminate them together to create a film that is tailored specifically to the needs of your product. These needs could include strength, barriers against light, water, or gas permeation, and even tactile and visual attributes. We then use these specialized laminates to create value-added pouches. We can add easy-open features, specialized fitments, and create unique shapes.

Can you provide a catalog of items that are ready to ship?

All ZACROS flexible packaging is customized to meet the needs of the product being packaged, so we do not have stock items. However, if you are interested in our molded containers for bulk liquids, our Hedwin Division can introduce you to a distributor.

Can you help me choose the right kind of packaging?

Of course! At ZACROS, we work with our customers to put together the best package for your needs. We have a long history of technological success—we consider your product from every angle: from the requirements of the product to how the end user will interact with the packaging. Safety, convenience, etcetera.

Can I be a distributor?

Because of the high degree of customization involved in the development of our packaging, we do not produce large quantities of generalized products for distribution.

Can you fill my product into your pouches?

While ZACROS does not run any filling operations of its own, we can put you in contact with a contract filler.

Is flexible packaging recyclable?

Although flexible packaging is not yet accepted by most municipal recycling programs, there are ways to recycle it. There are some companies that partner with makers of goods to collect and recycle the flexible packaging waste that their products create, turning it into planters, picnic tables, and even stylish accessories. A variety of initiatives have been also been started to investigate other economically viable solutions to flexible packaging waste, such as converting it into energy or fuel. The recyclability of flexible materials is a hot topic with lots of research being put into it, so change can be expected for the future.