Stand-Up Pouch (Flowpack SP)

Basic to unique pouch

Assortment of Stand-up and flat pouchesStand-up pouch (Flowpack SP) is the most common flexible pouch type. Many brand owners switch to stand-up pouches from alternative rigid packaging because of the lightweight, cost-efficient, and functionality benefits. Leakage is the biggest issue when it comes down to liquid application. With our experience, we have developed our leak-proof technology to overcome the issue. Whether this is the first time considering a flexible pouch or looking for solutions to your issues, ZACROS is here to help you find your right solution.



ZACROS Benefits

  • Fully customizable
  • Wide size ranges from 80ml to 3L
  • Monomaterial options
  • Leak-proof technology
  • Specialize in liquid application with extensive knowledge and experience
  • In-house short-run spout insertion capability
  • Focus on short lead time
  • Unique non-interactive (NI) film technology for sensitive ingredient


ZACROS provides various size, film, closure, design, and shape options. Not sure what you are looking for? No problem, we will find the best solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to find out a more sustainable stand-up pouch solution.

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