CUBITAINER®: Flexible Bulk Liquid Packaging


CUBITAINER® is a sustainable liquid container with sizes varying from 1L to 20L. CUBITAINER® uses monomaterial and is recycle-ready, making it a perfect solution for sustainable packaging. They are unlike rigid liquid containers; CUBITAINER® can be stacked and deflated! CUBITAINER® was created in the 1940s and has remained a unique item ever since.



Today, sustainability and efficiency are paramount considerations in all industries. One innovative solution at the intersection of both is the CUBITAINER® – a monomaterial, lightweight, durable, and stackable packaging option that can be used for various purposes, including shipping hazardous materials. In this blog, we’ll delve into the remarkable features and product specifications of CUBITAINER®, shedding light on how it can reduce plastic usage and carbon footprint, all while optimizing storage and transportation.


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1. Monomaterial and Lightweight:

The CUBITAINER® is made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE), making it a monomaterial solution. Its lightweight features make it highly portable and easy to handle.
CUBITAINER® is a recycle-ready product that aligns perfectly with current industry trends. With the upcoming sustainable legislation to be implemented, CUBITAINER® will save companies money and time.

2. Durable and Stackable:

Despite its lightweight design, the CUBITAINER® is remarkably durable. Its stackable feature adds to its convenience in both storage and transportation.

3. 97-100% Evacuation Rate:

CUBITAINER® boasts an impressive evacuation rate, ensuring minimal product wastage and maximizing usability.

Cubitainer Evacuation
4. Treatment and Barrier Options:

Offering optional treatments like coating, fluorination, sterilization, and gamma irradiation, the CUBITAINER® can adapt to various requirements, including those involving hazardous materials.




Discovering the ideal packaging solution is critical, particularly regarding liquids. The choice of package type significantly impacts the efficiency of various applications. ZACROS’ CUBITAINER® is designed to excel in distinct applications and boost your packaging experience.


1. Personal & Home Care Supplies – The packaging requirements for Personal & Home Care products are highly distinctive, influenced by the structure of chemical specifics of each product. We have seen more refill packaging options for personal and home care products.

2. Reagent & Industrial Chemicals – Choosing reagent & industrial chemicals packaging can be challenging because many chemicals are hazardous. Therefore, chemical compatibility with packaging becomes critical for selecting suitable packaging. Other BIB (bag-in-box) solutions cannot handle these hazardous materials.

3. Food & Beverage – ZACROS provides FDA-compliant and BPA-free sustainable packaging with taste & flavor protection.

4. Pharmaceutical & Medical – ZACROS supports the medical community by working with customers to advance medical technology through innovative packaging solutions.


5. Emergency/Natural Disasters – CUBITAINER® has been used in various natural disaster environments. For example, during Western United States forest fires, CUBITAINER® was air-dropped to supply firefighters with water. The one-gallon CUBITAINER® provides drinking water, and the five-gallon is versatile for other uses. Its lightweight and flexibility help it withstand drops without much damage, a significant improvement over shattering metal cans previously used.




CUBITAINER® vs. Rigid Packaging

One of the critical advantages of CUBITAINER® is its potential to reduce plastic usage significantly. By switching from rigid open pail containers to CUBITAINER®, plastic use can be reduced by an impressive 80%. Recycled CUBITAINER® reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 23% compared to CUBITAINER® from virgin resin.
Additionally, the stackable design of the CUBITAINER® optimizes the product-to-packaging ratio, minimizing dead space. It takes up only one truck space compared to the seven trucks needed for traditional blow-molded containers. This significant reduction in transportation needs further underscores the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of CUBITAINER®. Transportation contributes a significant amount of total greenhouse gas emissions in the US!





CUBITAINER®: Anchor of Sustainable Packaging

CUBITAINER® is a great sustainable packaging solution. With over half a century of experience, ZACROS is a leading manufacturer of liquid packaging. Partnering with ZACROS ensures that liquid packaging aligns seamlessly with your sustainability requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, so we can take the next step to your sustainable journey.