NIf™ Film: The Future of Plastic Films

Packaging films have been around to ensure the ingredients inside stay active. The conventional film absorbs some of the content’s liquid active ingredients into the packaging film over time. When consumers use this product, the active ingredients begin to deteriorate, reducing the expected effect of the product. This is why NIf™ films are so important.

Many sachets are handed out daily to promote the brand’s products. Most of these sachets are wrapped in Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) packaging, which could absorb active ingredient into the product. It is a huge possibility that the sample consumers are trying needs to reflect the product. With more than 122 billion single-use sample sachets created annually, imagine how many consumers are misled.


Vitamin D Tragedy

A brand owner had to recall several of their products due to decreases of vitamin D concentration. They were using PE film and the research proved that the vitamin D in their products were adsorbed by their packaging layer.



Using our NIf™ Film, your product’s active ingredients will stay in top shape. The non-interactive film prevents interactions between the packaging and the contents inside. It has excellent packaging material for sensitive products.



Our Different Types of NIf™ Films



  • Prevents the adsorption of active ingredients into the packaging (Active ingredients: nutrients, fragrances, medicinal ingredients, etc.).
  • Prevents the degradation of packaging because of the contents inside. It also lowers the adhesive strength of the membranes.
  • Low-Adsorption – Minimizes the adsorption of active ingredients transferred to the packaging compared to the PE sealant.
  • Low-Leaching – Blocks movement of leachable between layers. The NIf™ film can be used as the innermost or intermediate layer.




This piece gives you a better understanding of NIf™ films. They are simply problem solvers. Many brands will likely start to implement these films as they are the most potent shield of your product. From sachets to refillable pouches, the NIf™ films almost guarantee that your product will not be tampered with and will increase its shelf life.


Cosmetic Packaging

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