ZACROS AMERICA, a subsidiary of Fujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd.,
Provides high quality, value-added functional films and packaging.


About Zacros America

Zacros America is a subsidiary of Fujimori Kogyo, a Japanese converter of flexible films and packaging. We started business in January of 2012 by opening an office just outside of Chicago, a central location that allows us to serve our North American customer base with utmost efficiency. In May of 2014, we acquired the former Hedwin Corporation, now known as the Hedwin Division of Zacros America, Inc. Hedwin Division currently handles all inquiries, and the Chicago Division has been retained as a sales and marketing base to better serve our customers.


About Fujimori Kogyo

Established in 1914, Fujimori Kogyo is well known in Japan for its value-added, high-quality packaging and films. With over 100 years of experience, Fujimori Kogyo continues to shape the industry with unique, useful, and unprecedented innovations created under the ZACROS name and philosophy. From easy-pour pouches that improve convenience in our everyday lives, to medical packaging that is safer and more reliable, to functional films for space satellites, Fujimori Kogyo has expanded the ZACROS name into many fields, and gives each project the attention it deserves.

ZACROS does not simply create packaging- ZACROS creates value.

Zacros Logo

The ZACROS Name and Logo

The brand name ZACROS was conceived in 1994 to reflect the corporate vision of Fujimori Kogyo–
“Z” stands for the ultimate and uncharted, and the Greek “ACRO” meaning the “highest.”

ZACROS continually strives to not only be the best, but also to be in a state of constant innovation, creating products to support society’s ever-changing needs.

Our logo – blue for the sky and green for the earth – reflects our commitment to the environment. We uphold this commitment through obtaining environmental certifications, pursuing material- and energy-conserving initiatives, and looking at the entire life cycle and impact of our operations.

The stacked-wave pattern is reminiscent of lamination- a core ZACROS value.


  • Fujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    Shinjuku First West 10th Floor
    1-23-7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
    160-0023 Japan
    Parent company of Zacros America, Inc. and affiliates.
  • ZACROS (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
    Production and sale of flexible packaging materials.
  • ZACROS (HONG KONG) Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
    Sale of protective films, functional materials, and liquid containers.
    Sale of protective films, functional materials, and liquid containers.