Zacros America introduces MONOSOLUTIONS™ Standard-Size Spouted Pouch

Zacros America, Inc. announced the expansion of their Standard-Size Spouted Pouch series to a MONOSOLUTIONS™ option starting at the end of Q1 2024. The available monomaterial standard size pouch will be 1L. However, Zacros America will evaluate the different size options depending on the market needs.


“Monomaterial flexible pouches are still not yet widely available for curbside recycling. However, we believe that it is critical to support the market needs to drive the industry move forward by offering a small minimum quantity option for recycle-ready pouches,” said Satomi Guzman, Senior Marketing Specialist of Zacros America.


The MONOSOLUTIONS™ Standard-Size Spouted Pouch will be excellent solution for Home & Personal Care and Cosmetic liquid refill applications. This standard-size monomaterial pouch will widen Zacros America’s sustainable packaging portfolio.


About Standard-Size Spouted Pouch Series

Earlier this year, Zacros America launched its standard-size pouch series to support the small order quantity market demand. The size offerings are 350ml, 500ml, 1000ml, and 1500ml (11Φ spout), and the minimum order is from 1 case (368-460 pouches).



MONOSOLUTIONS™ is a ZACROS original brand name for monomaterial flexible packaging. By combining the words “MONO-MATERILA” and “SOLUTIONS”, ZACROS aims to provide solutions to society with monomaterial packaging.


About Zacros America, Inc.

Zacros America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Fujimori Kogyo, also known as ZACROS, a Japanese converter of flexible films and packaging established in 1914, serving various industries, including daily commodities, pharmaceutical & medical, electronics, and construction. ZACROS has expanded global locations to 6 countries and 38 locations serving customers worldwide. Zacros America provides sustainable flexible packaging solutions for liquids up to 20L. Zacros America has two manufacturing facilities in the United States.