ZACROS AMERICA, a subsidiary of Fujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd.,
Provides high quality, value-added functional films and packaging.


ZACROS not only meets your needs, but exceeds your expectations. Using 100 years of industry know-how, ZACROS does more than provide packaging– we provide innovation, insight, and value. We take a comprehensive approach that addresses needs throughout the value chain.


Our Capabilities

  • Lamination- Uniformity is maintained with even the thinnest of substrates.
  • Coating Application- Uniformity is maintained with even the thinnest of coatings.
  • Pouch Converting- If you can imagine it, we can make it- pouches are our specialty!
  • Product Development- Not quite sure what you need? You can rely on ZACROS experience and expertise.
  • Clean Processing- Whether for food or pharma, we have clean room processing to meet your requirements
  • Printing- Accurate, bright, and durable printing to support aesthetic and logistic integrity.

Value-added Functions:

    • High Moisture Barriers
    • Oxygen Barriers
    • Non-Interacting surfaces
      • Non-adsorbing
      • Non-leaching
      • Low Odor
  • Customizable Peel Strength
  • Customizable Tear Strength
  • Antistatic Properties
  • EMI Shielding Properties
  • Heat resistance
  • Oxygen absorbing properties
  • Function-driven pouch shaping
    • Easy Pour
    • Easy Open
    • Unique to You
  • Customizable Closures
    and many more!!

Certified Quality- Impeccable Service

ZACROS stands behind its promise of unsurpassed quality and service. All ZACROS plants are managed under GMP philosophies, and all of our facilities are ISO 9001 certified. Our facilities have also all obtained ISO 14001:2004 certification, underlining our commitment to the environment.

We further set ourselves apart from the competition with our commitment to service. Backed by the expertise and know-how that we have gathered over our 100 years in the packaging industry, we work hand in hand with customers to bring their visions to life, guiding them at every step along the way.