Cube Operator (I, II)

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Job Details

Position: Cube Operator (I, II)
Location: Newark, Delaware
Reports to: Shift Supervisor
Work Status: Non-Exempt Shift work

Job Functions


  • Ensures that he/she has proper PPE prior to entering the production floor and/or packing area.
  • Follows and obeys all safety related signs, rules and regulations.
  • Uses all appropriate safety equipment and or devices as stated in the operating manuals.
  • Reports any incident/accident and or near misses to the shift supervisor.
  • Reports any unsafe condition and/or operating equipment to the shift supervisor.


  • Pulls the Cubitainer from the web
  • Cuts the opening in the Cubitainer using fly cutter
  • Attaches neck and ring using attaching equipment
  • Deflates the Cubitainer using manual or automatic deflating equipment or using hand deflating method
  • Manually counts and stacks deflated Cubitainers to specified quantity
  • Operates automatic deflator stacking equipment, including reset procedures
  • Bags stacks of finished Cubitainer and loads on cart for packing room
  • Assists with handling parts in Injection Molding
  • Ensures work order is on hand prior to starting packing
  • Reads the work orders, understands the requirements
  • Associates the packing materials stated in the work order with physical materials, (ie boxes, bags, pallets).
  • Requests labels as needed.
  • Makes shipper cartons as needed.
  • Retrieves finished Cubes from the production line and brings them to packing area.
  • Packages finished Cubes into shipper cartons.
  • Labels finished shippers and pallets. Initials shippers indicating product meets work order requirements
  • Stacks and finishes skids according to Work Order
  • Stages finished skids for inventory
  • Shares responsibility of tracking work order quantities. Works with the Technician to ensure the order is closed / changed over
  • At the end of an order, responsible for line clearance in the packaging area. Destroys all old labels and changes over packing materials for next work order. Ensures the cart label reflects the work order.


  • All employees are responsible for product quality. Visual spot checks for gross errors are performed and action taken when suspect or nonconforming materials are seen
  • Responsible for ensuring all Cubes in the packing room are identified, contacts Shift Supervisor if unidentified product is found
  • General understanding of HOLD process and requirements of DMR / labeling
  • 100% Inspection of all Cubitainers for acceptable quality at all stations
  • Disposes of rejects and tracks reason codes
  • Reports problems with equipment to Technician
  • May be required to perform additional inspection per Customer Requirements


  • Cleans and sweeps daily
  • Keeps area clean and organized.
  • Any other duty assigned by Supervisor/Technician

Required Skills and Abilities

  • Must have ability to consistently work in a fast paced environment and maintain production line speed.
  • Must possess motivation and attentiveness needed to consistently produce quality products.
  • Must have a good attendance record and be able to flex work times and breaks based on shift/line needs.
  • Must have the ability to work in a team environment.
  • Must have strong safety awareness and willingness to follow all plant rules and regulations.
  • Must be able to understand basic instructions in English.
  • Must have basic math skills including adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying whole number and decimals.
  • Must possess motivation and desire to grow and learn.
  • Must possess strong attention to detail

Working Conditions

  • Must have dexterity of hands, wrists and arms.
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds.
  • Must have ability to maintain set speed in a fast paced environment by reaching, stooping, squatting and bending, as well as pushing, pulling and lifting objects and/or equipment of various sizes, weights, designs.
  • Must be able to stand at least 11 1/2 hours per shift and work a 12 hour shift or overtime as needed.
  • Must have good hand and eye coordination.
  • Must be able to walk through department numerous times per shift.

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